Ninja Fantasy Trader

Terms and Conditions of Test

Welcome to Ninja Fantasy Trader.
Where you will be one of the first 100 fortunate testers of the game and prizes will be available.
When the process starts, you will be given 100 NTC tokens (actives) that can be used for the
different modalities and features in the game. It is important to know that proper management of
the tokens is needed. If poor management occurs and none of the tokens are left, you will be
eliminated, and another user will fill your position.

If you prove to be an active user, you will win a Samurai. What does it mean to be active?
1- Perform 30 individual trades.
2- Prove your skills with at least 5 daily battles.
3- Daily participation in 4 tournaments and performing 2 trades for each one of the

All the NTC tokens (actives) that you manage to make in each of the modalities, you will obtain.
At the end of the trial period, Ninja Fantasy Trader has a big prize. This will be for the first 3
users who manage to make the most NTC during this time.
Don’t miss this great opportunity. Become part of the winning users and be part of the ranking. If
you manage to be part of the ranking, this will be published every day on our social media.

For the comments of the tests write to our community where you will be attended.

Ninja Fantasy Trader NFT